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By Foot and Ankle Specialists of Marin, Oct 12 2016 10:11PM

Heel pain is the most common problem that foot and ankle specialists treat. Many things can cause heel pain including calcaneal stress fracture, calcaneal fat pad atrophy, tendinitis and neuritis. However, plantar fasciitisis the cause of heel pain the majority of the time. In Marin and Sonoma County, we see plantar fasciitis in all ages, men, women, athletes and non-athletes.

The plantar fascia is a soft tissue structure on the bottom (or “plantar” aspect) of the foot that originates from the heel and extends towards the toes. When the fascia becomes inflamed around its insertion in the heel, that inflammation causes pain. Therefore, therapy is directed at decreasing inflammation. Initial anti-inflammatory therapies include:

• Decreasing weight-bearing activities

• Modifying shoe gear

• Icing

• Oral anti-inflammatories

When these initial anti-inflammatory therapies do not provide relief, the doctors at Foot and Ankle Specialists of Marin can evaluate the cause of your plantar fasciitis, rule-out other causes of heel pain and make further treatment recommendations, including:

• Specialized stretching exercises

• Pre-made and custom orthotics

• Anti-inflammatory injections

The vast majority of patients with plantar fasciitis find relief with the above non-surgical therapies. However, when pain persists despite these efforts and affects your daily activities, surgical options are available.

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